What You Didnt Know About Oxygen Machines


American Lung Association is thrilled to teach you the essential tips on how oxygen machines work. Whether you need it for your everyday home activities or use it while sleeping, the oxygen machine will provide all the oxygen you need to keep going.

Home oxygen concentrators.

Oxygen concentrators work by extracting air and turning it into concentrated oxygen. This oxygen goes directly to the user.

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Water bottle as a humidifier

Although most oxygen machines include a humidifier, other oxygen machines don’t. If you feel that your oxygen is dry, you can use a water bottle in the oxygen machine to help moisten the air you breathe.

Keep an eye on the flow rate.

The oxygen flow rate is the mandatory rate you should use on your oxygen machine. The oxygen flow rate is prescribed by your doctor and you should follow these prescriptions closely.

Wash your face mask weekly.

Use warm water and a small drop of soap to clean your face mask. Repeat this process once a week.

These tips apply to each oxygen machine user, as it helps you get the most comfortable experience while using it. If you want to know more, please watch out our video.


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