Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy?


Physical therapy has a wide range of uses and it can benefit people of all different ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. There is a whole array of types of physical therapy and they all serve a unique, specific purpose. The reason you enroll in physical therapy sessions will probably differ vastly from another person’s reason. And you will probably each have very different end goals.

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However, the overarching purpose is the same. Physical therapy is meant to promote and maintain good health in a patient, whatever that entails.

Many folks need the assistance of physical therapists after an accident or injury of some kind. Physical therapy is used to rehabilitate people with injuries and help them to regain mobility or functioning that was lost or impaired.

But that’s not the only time someone may need physical therapy. Some folks have a chronic disease or illness and require physical therapy sessions to halt or delay the progression of their symptoms. Physical therapy is a great way to help a patient maintain mobility and keep his/her faculties together.

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