About us

Your health is one thing you should never compromise. I’m Sergei Avilov. I was raised by parents who’d emigrated from the Soviet Union into the US in the 70’s. It was difficult for my parents to find gainful employment in this foreign land, and we grew up in relative poverty. As a child, when I got sick we would try any kind of home remedy to avoid having to see the doctor, as it was difficult to afford such appointments. The hardships we faced made me truly understand the importance of good health. And it can be very difficult to maintain your health without regular visits to a doctor. That’s why I started this website. It’s full of helpful information and tips on how to keep yourself fit and frisky. If my family had access to the internet when I was a child, the information contained in health blogs could have really helped us out when dealing with unexpected illness. I hope someday my site could be just as helpful to some poor sick child out there.


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