Why Your Health Should Always Come First and Not Just Be an Afterthought

Emergency room care

Suffer from back pain, other aches and pains, or another chronic condition? You’re not alone — almost 70% of Americans say that back pain affects how they go about their everyday lives and two-thirds of Baby Boomers are predicted to be managing a chronic condition by 2030. Worryingly enough though, many Americans don’t go see a doctor regularly — around 40% of those with long-term lower back pain don’t go see a doctor for it. They simply struggle on with pain meds and a “grit-and-bear-it” attitude, which could be detrimental to their health later on down the line. Having an “ask the doctors” mentality is really far healthier and can often catch any serious illnesses earlier in their progress. At any rate, knowing where your nearest walk in clinic or urgent care center is good information to have on hand

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Enjoy Life, In Sickness and In Health!

Physical therapy equipment

It does not do any good to live in fear, but there are certain situations that definitely call for care and precaution. In everyday life there are so many possibilities that could result in illness or injury. Being aware of these things can mean the difference between a relaxing day at home and getting emergency room care. Listening to the general advice of doctors can help you navigate the dangers or potentially harmful pitfalls in your everyday life. But should you find yourself in need of medical help outside of the usual business hours of your doctor’s office, you could get to a medi

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Quick Tips to Ensure You Keep Your Voice

Parathyroid diseases

If you are a professional singer you know that your voice is your body important asset. Just like a Carpentier relies on their tools. Your vocal chords are an inherent part of your livelyhood. Unfortunately many singers are succomb to career ending vocal injuries due to improperly caring for their voices. Not taking care of your voice, is like a carpenter leaving their tools in the rain. Improper maintainence of your can lead to pain vocal cord paralysis and eventually vocal cord surgery. If you are a professional make sure to take the proper steps to care for your voice

Frequent sinus infections can be signs of trouble

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