Opioid Dependence Is the Topic of a Major Lawsuit

Even the best of intentions can go terribly wrong.

The current opioid epidemic in America is a prime example. As many Americans fact eh devastating effects of opioid withdrawal symptoms, the battle against the opioid crisis in America is, like many other topics, one that creates conflict. From those who want to provide free treatment options, which sometimes include some kinds of drugs, to those who so not want to spend the money on treatment, there are many communities that are really struggling. At the same time when the there are new arguments and battles over vaping, one of the more recent troubling epidemics in the country, there are city health and government officials who feel as if they are fighting a never ending battle when it comes to chemical addiction.

Does Your Community Have a Drug Take Back Event?

A Doctor’s Appointment Can Involve Prescribed Powerful Pain Medications
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Prescription Drug Take Back Event last wee

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The Right Seat and Accessories For Your Bicycle

Many different wheeled vehicles are in use around the world today, and one of the most numerous types of vehicle is the bicycle. Unlike most vehicles, bicycles do not have engines, and are powered only with the rider’s own leg motions. Bicycles are cheap to make and easily affordable, and even in developing parts of the world, many people own bicycles. In some parts of the world, bicycles take the place of cars and trucks as the main vehicles on the roads, in fact. A bicycle is also easy to store, repair, and customize, and such features may range from pedal toe clips to a carrying basket to replacement leather bike seats. Leather bicycle saddles are comfortable to sit on and may look quite attractive with their leather coating, and they need only minimal care. These leather bike seats may be wide, comfortable bike saddles or narrower saddles for a competitive bicycle

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What Is Percocet and How Can It Be Misused?

What is drug abuse? When you have been prescribed a prescription pain medication that is an opioid you could easily become addicted and abuse the drug. Over 2 million Americans are annually affected by the misuse of prescription opioids. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse the abuse of prescription drugs has some serious if not fatal complications. Are you taking a prescription opioid like percocet?

Exactly What Is Percocet?

Have you asked yourself exactly what is percocet? What is percocet is a good question. Drug information states that It is a brand name for a pill that combines acetaminophen and oxycodone otherwise known as a painkiller. Oxycodone itself is a very powerful opioid. Opioids are derived from a source known to be the same as morphine as well as a few illegal drugs that include heroine. Heroine effects can literally ruin lives and end in heroin overdose. Opioid addictio

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