What Is Percocet and How Can It Be Misused?


What is drug abuse? When you have been prescribed a prescription pain medication that is an opioid you could easily become addicted and abuse the drug. Over 2 million Americans are annually affected by the misuse of prescription opioids. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse the abuse of prescription drugs has some serious if not fatal complications. Are you taking a prescription opioid like percocet?

Exactly What Is Percocet?

Have you asked yourself exactly what is percocet? What is percocet is a good question. Drug information states that It is a brand name for a pill that combines acetaminophen and oxycodone otherwise known as a painkiller. Oxycodone itself is a very powerful opioid. Opioids are derived from a source known to be the same as morphine as well as a few illegal drugs that include heroine. Heroine effects can literally ruin lives and end in heroin overdose. Opioid addiction can be detected, however, and knowing what is percocet can help when it comes to noticing possible signs of addiction.

Now that you know what is percocet, it is time to understand more about the drug itself, which is known to activate your brain’s reward center. Constant use over time can cause percocet to stop working quite like it used to. This encourages the need to take additional pills to achieve the same pain-relieving effect of lower doses. Hence the beginning phases of addiction.

Signs of Percocet Addiction

The use of percocet can have many side effects. You may notice some of these side effects in someone that has been using the drug too long which could lead to abuse. A more obvious sign is the reduction of intestinal motility that causes constipation. Other symptoms include mood swings, confusion, difficulty sleeping, depression, sleeping too much, reduced breathing rates, low blood pressure, difficulty with coordination and sweating.

The Social Signs of an Addiction to Percocet

Since percocet can be hard to get legally without a prescription it may take illegal means to obtain the drug. Someone who is addicted to it could try anything to obtain it. This includes stealing medications from family members and friends or from strangers. Some people may even try forging prescriptions, filing false police reports so a pharmacy will provide them with medication, or pretending they lost a prescription or request a new prescription often. Addicts will do anything to get their hands on more percocet, even visiting multiple pharmacies or physicians so they are less likely to be caught.

There are physical signs of the use of the drug, as well. Percocet abuse can cause people to show obvious mannerisms such as appearing unusually excitable or high. Other people may appear excessively tired or sedated. The signs range from one to the other but the consequences are the same.

The Negative Consequences of Abusing Percocet

Opioids in any form can cause health complications that are rather serious. The risk for choking increases as well as the slowing of breathing that could result in the loss of breath completely. A person could even slip into a coma or die due to an overdose. This type of addiction may also encourage the use of other types of illegal drugs, or the abuse of other prescription medications. Certain medicine and drug combinations can also be lethal.

When it come to work and a person’s personal life addiction affects both relationships and performance. Percocet abuse sometimes encourages risky behavior. This could lead to vehicular accidents that cause bodily harm or death. Addicts could also become involved in activities that to against the law. They could decide to forge prescriptions, steal and even lie to get what they crave.

There Is Treatment for Percocet Addiction

There are many approaches to percocet addiction. Speak with a physician who can provide medications to treat addictions and withdrawals. They can also make sure you get in touch with treatment facilities that have the staff and counseling needed to help you overcome an addiction and learn how to live a clean and healthy life.

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