The Right Seat and Accessories For Your Bicycle


Many different wheeled vehicles are in use around the world today, and one of the most numerous types of vehicle is the bicycle. Unlike most vehicles, bicycles do not have engines, and are powered only with the rider’s own leg motions. Bicycles are cheap to make and easily affordable, and even in developing parts of the world, many people own bicycles. In some parts of the world, bicycles take the place of cars and trucks as the main vehicles on the roads, in fact. A bicycle is also easy to store, repair, and customize, and such features may range from pedal toe clips to a carrying basket to replacement leather bike seats. Leather bicycle saddles are comfortable to sit on and may look quite attractive with their leather coating, and they need only minimal care. These leather bike seats may be wide, comfortable bike saddles or narrower saddles for a competitive bicycle rider. What is the difference between those two types of leather bike seats? And how can bike riding benefit a rider?

On Bicycles

There are three broad reasons why a person might ride a bicycle: exercise, personal transport, or racing. A rider may ride a bike just for fun, and bicycles are a common way for people to get some cardio exercise done, similar to swimming and jogging. Many parks today have long, paved trails that are ideal for riding a bicycle for hours on end, and many roads today also have dedicated bike lanes. Not only that, but a bike rider can use their bike to get to work as an alternative to driving a car. Doing this is a fine way to avoid traffic jams, and this also reduces pollution slightly. The rider can get some cardio done en route to work, which is a great idea if they do not have time in the rest of their day for that exercise. Besides, many studies and health journals show the benefits of riding a bicycle. It’s a fine way to burn calories and build up muscles, and it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Bicycles are also a racing vehicle, and many bike races take place around the world every year, most prominently the Tour de France. Many bike races are charity events, and crowds may gather to watch the racers go. This takes some dedication, and racers will train long and hard to build up their endurance and speed. Such racers typically use leather bike seats and wheels designed for this sort of activity.

This adds up to a large industry, and every year, millions of Americans are riding bicycles for exercise, leisure, commuting, or races. More and more, states report seeing more employees of all sorts riding bicycles to work since 2005, both for health reasons and to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions in the air. In 2015, around $1.2. billion worth of used bicycles were sold, and many bike shops are selling accessories and repair kits for bicycles. Overall, in 2015, the bicycle industry reported $6.2 billion in direct sales.

Bicycle Accessories

A bicycle owner can visit a bike shop or online catalog to find new accessories for their bicycle, such as a new chain, new tires, or even new brake levers or leather bike seats. Some riders may put toe clips on their pedals, allowing the clips to catch the rider’s feet as the pedal goes up. This allows the rider to put energy into the system as the pedal goes up, as well as being pushed down. What about leather bike seats? For casual riders, a wide and soft bicycle saddle is best, and these saddles are designed to comfortably accommodate the sitting bones as the rider sits directly on the bike for an extended period. By contrast, racing saddles are narrow and hard, since racers tend to stand up on the bicycle and lean forward, and rarely do they sit on the saddle with their full body weight. So, the seat is narrow and tough, and that narrow profile will not interfere with the rider’s legs as they pump the pedals. Leather seats of all types, though, should not get wet or caught in the rain.

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