How to choose the best bone graft delivery system


The bone graft delivery system is tremendously becoming a popular intervention for healing fractured and damaged bones. A bone graft surgery is normally conducted to facilitate bone repair, bone regeneration, and healing of two bones across damaged joints. As more people continue to seek these different graft delivery services, it has triggered the growth and development of bone graft companies and manufacturers. This is why it is very important to consider the following factors in order to end up with the right bone grafting technology:


The right bone graft delivery system should not only facilitate the healing of your fractured or damaged bones but also save you some expenses for instance sterilization costs. The bone graft delivery device you chose for the surgery should also save on time taken during a surgical operation. Currently, you can easily get modern bone graft delivery devices that have integrated advanced technology that saves money and time.

Topnotch Accuracy

When performing a bone graft delivery surgical operation, as a surgeon you need to use the correct amount of the bone graft so that the damaged bone can heal well. For that to happen, you will require to use a very accurate bone graft delivery device that is capable of releasing close to .25cc of orthobiologic within a single squeeze. With the help of such a precise delivery system, you can properly measure the required bone graft amount for post-filling expandable interbody cages.


The bone graft delivery process requires precision during both preliminary incisions and post filing bone voids. You will need a bone graft delivery system that is easy to use and provides more freedom and stability during operations. With more control during the surgical process, you get to use the right amount of bone graft and identify when void spaces need to be filled. Choosing a complicated device will definitely interfere with the bone graft surgery through time wastage and unprecedented challenges such as difficulties in making early incisions and filling any voids.

Compatibility is Key

The United States medical device market serves up to 40% of the international medical device market. According to the Department of Commerce, at least, $44 billion in terms of medical devices are exported every year from the United States. This is a true indication of just how the market offers a wide variety of options when it comes to devices for graft delivery. The best bone graft delivery device is one which is compatible with the bone graft you decide to use.


With the increase in bone graft manufacturers, more attention should be channeled towards the selection process. It is very easy to get a counterfeit bone grafting device that cannot facilitate a smooth surgical operation and post-filling procedure. In that connection, a lot of factors need to be put into consideration in order to choose the best bone graft delivery system. Consider, the accuracy, compatibility, cost, and functionality of the device. This will ensure you not only save on time but also money.

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