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Humankind is showing their various ways of kindness in so many ways to people of all walks of life. In this video, you will discover just a tiny fraction of amazing, heartfelt stories of retired doctors giving back to the community. These retired doctors give medical services for free to all patients of all ages all year round. Your entire family can be seen with them. USA Today reported this on YouTube on April 12, 2018, and HumanKind is part of the USA Today Network.

The entire staff, nurses, and doctors at this organization are retired. Even though these retired professionals don’t have the best hearing, stamina, and other physical attributes, they still have something no one can take away from them. Unlike many of their younger counterparts, they have decades of experience, wisdom, and maturity without egos, and thus they provide some of the best sports medicine and other medical services around.

And even though the general health field may say that they are too old to handle their demands, these amazing health professionals’ hearts supersede them into giving their all to patients. These are patients who they know wouldn’t be able to see a doctor without them. Nevertheless, these doctors promised to care for as many people as possible to the best of their ability. And as a result, they see approximately 5,000 patients annually.

One of their doctors, Dr. Alex, is 83 years old, but he never wants to stop healing people. So, he volunteers at this organization, and he stated that they enjoy giving medical services to patients. He also stated that they actually get more from helping patients than the patients themselves.


These wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff devote their lives to helping others so much so that they work all year round. Instead of them just thinking about themselves and traveling around the world in their golden years, they have a great zeal for helping others. They empathize and know that without their services, many patients wouldn’t be able to see a doctor. And it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the best sports medicine around or you need neurological services, their tons of expertise go a long way.

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