A Day In The Life Of Doctor Mike


Attending to patients is a doctor‘s duty, and each appointment involves meeting with the patients. They must carefully examine each case’s details and formulate the best solution. A doctor typically begins the work day at the crack of dawn.

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He gets up quickly and gets ready for the day’s work. He goes to the clinic/hospital after a quick breakfast. In most cases, the patients have already arrived. He sees each one individually and prescribes medications.

This round of duty continues until midday or later. After attending to the patients, the doctor proceeds to have lunch and relax for a limited time. After that, he resumes his work of attending to the available patients, which may involve diagnosing their ailments and responding to their questions calmly and professionally. However, the work environment determines the finer details of the job.

When working in a medical facility, one must ensure that all the work is completed and bear the responsibility for their decisions. It is accomplished through handling paperwork, meeting with patients to learn about their problems, documenting their findings, writing prescriptions, and conveying any specific information to other healthcare professionals when necessary.

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