13 Vision Health Myths Debunked by Eye Doctors


It’s crucial to protect the eyes at all times, especially since one of the most vital senses of humans is eyesight. This is where eye doctors come in. Visiting your optometrist or eye doctor on a regular basis can help you in protecting this body part that accounts for a large percentage of what you perceive every day.

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Maintaining healthy eyes can help you reduce your chances of losing your vision. Apart from preventing blindness, you can also avoid other eye diseases like glaucoma and cataract. Since your eye doctor can detect vision issues and other health conditions simply by checking your eyes, think of it as preventive care for your body as well.

Optometrists can see the natural state of your blood vessels through your eyes without you having to undergo a surgical procedure.

You most likely already know that the brain is the body’s most important organ, allowing people to live different lifestyles. If you want the brain to function normally, you should maintain a healthy vision as much as possible.

Since the eyes and brain are connected through the optic nerve, it’s imperative to maintain a healthy relationship between them. By maintaining healthy eyes, you also help your brain in keeping healthy. Thus, you’re also improving your overall health.

Watch this informational video by Science Insider, where you can listen to these eye doctors while they debunk myths about vision.


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