5 Smart Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries


Physical therapy has been around longer than you might think. Historians trace ancient forms of physical therapy to 460 BC. During this time, Hector and Hippocrates used combinations of water therapy and massages to treat people dealing with injuries. Physical therapy has come a long way since this time. This type of therapy is able to treat people suffering from multiple types of injuries. With that in mind, many people continue to get injured while playing sports. Considering that, here are five tips for avoiding sports injuries.

  1. Follow a Proper Diet Plan

    One of the best ways to avoid injuries is by following a proper diet. This means eating healthy foods which help to strengthen your bones and muscles. In addition, eating on a regular basis provides the body with energy. If you don’t have enough energy, it’s difficult to remain alert. In turn, this could cause you to receive an injury because you weren’t able to pay attention while playing sports.
  2. Stay Adequately Hydrated

    Many sports injuries occur because individuals aren’t drinking enough water. This leads to bouts of dehydration, especially while playing sports in hot weather. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for someone to know they’re dehydrated until it’s too late. You can solve this problem by bringing plenty of water with you while playing any type of sports. Make sure you take frequent hydration breaks and you’ll avoid dealing with heat stroke and dehydration.
  3. Get Plenty of Rest

    If you want to remain healthy, it’s imperative to get enough sleep each night. This holds true for athletes who are often more physically active than the average person. While you sleep, the body works to heal itself. Therefore, not getting enough sleep doesn’t give the body enough time to repair muscles and tissues. By getting a full night’s rest, you’re also able to have more energy to use for your next practice or game.
  4. Always Wear Protective Equipment

    Regardless of whether you’re practicing or playing an actual game, always wear protective equipment while playing sports. These types of equipment help ensure you avoid getting injured. Therefore, it’s wise to wear helmets, pads, and anything else that’s worn to keep you safe. Taking the time to put this gear on is well worth it to avoid the pain that comes with receiving an injury.
  5. Avoid Trying to Power Through an Injury

    If you’re currently dealing with an injury, never try to tough it out. Avoid participating in any future sporting events and seek medical care. Many who are dealing with sports injuries visit pain management centers. In addition, make sure you follow each step in your physical therapy plan. Unfortunately, research shows that only 35% of patients receiving physical therapy follow through with their doctor’s plans of care. Making this mistake often leads to injuries never healing. In turn, you run the risk of worsening the injury you’re dealing with.

In closing, there are many ways to avoid suffering from injuries while playing sports. If you’re needing to obtain relief from sports injuries, consider visiting a pain management center. In turn, you’ll be able to speak with a sports injury doctor who understands how to treat your ailments. A care plan from a pain management center therapists doesn’t last as long as you might think. On average, outpatient care courses are only seven to 10 sessions. Following your care plan will help ensure that you’re ready to continue playing sports without dealing with painful injuries.

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