Active Hair Loss and What You Can Do


There are approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States currently experiencing hair loss. About 21 percent of those individuals reported that they would spend their life savings to have a full head of hair again.

On average, people will shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. If you’re finding that you lose significantly more hair per day (or that it comes out in clumps), you may be experiencing hair loss. Found not only among aging individuals but those suffering from genetic hair loss, alopecia, and hair thinning, hair loss is a common problem for many people. It results in not only a lack of confidence but can have major impacts on one’s social, professional, and romantic life. Knowing the options at your disposal when it comes to hair replacement services (i.e. hair transplant, hair loss treatment, hair restoration, etc.) could be the change you need to get your life back to normal.

While environmental factors can accelerate the process of balding, typical active hair loss can take anywhere from 10-20 years as the hair continues to thin and miniaturize before the balding process is complete. However, there are hair replacement services available to combat hair loss, giving natural results.

A hair replacement is a surgical process that involves removal of hair follicles from any site in the body like face or legs and planting them on the hairless portion. This process is also used in transplanting hair in lashes and brows. The latest hair replacement services techniques are permanent and they pick up follicular clusters of hair. This process can be done in two ways: the strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUE is one of the primary methods of obtaining follicular units, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. However, FUE can have natural groupings as much as 7 or 8 in a single graft. During the FUE hair transplant procedure, individual follicular unit grafts (hair groupings of one to four hairs as they occur naturally in the scalp) are harvested one at a time using a tiny punch typically ranging from .7 to 1 millimeter in size.

FUT, also known as the ‘strip’ method, is a hair transplanting procedure which involves the cutting and removing of a strip of skin and hair whose hair follicles is used to the patient’s balding areas of the scalp. This is the older of two procedures and is preferred because of the shorter required time as well as for its capability to meet the expected outcome.

Hair replacement services are a permanent treatment, so deciding which treatment is right for you is very important to consider. Cost should also be a deciding factor and is one of the most frequently asked questions during a consultation for hair replacement services. While they tend to be expensive treatments, hair replacement services such as FUE and FUT will not only achieve the best possible results for an individual experiencing hair loss but can also offset costs of hair care products and hair pieces that you may otherwise have to purchase.

What about afterwards? How do you care for the hair, and what does it look and feel like? Many people ask if they need to use different products and shampoo on the transplanted area. Great news: no extra work needed here. Your transplanted hair can be treated the same as your normal hair. Once it’s transplanted and you’ve followed the aftercare instructions, you can treat your new hair like it is your old hair.

Picking the perfect hair loss doctor and hair restoration services can be a tough decision, but it is very important to weigh all of the factors above. For the best hair restoration and hair replacement services in Beverly Hills, there are a variety of things to consider when picking your hair transplant clinic including the opportunity to look at past work, the treatments available, and consultation process. You put so much thought into hair replacement services, so the outcome should be hair you can envision. The end result: beautiful hair, increased confidence, and control of your life.

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