Builders of Wheels and Other Bike Parts and Their Benefit To Our Transportation


Bicycles are a great benefit to the fuel-saving efforts of our generation. Wheel builders provide one of the greatest efforts to help make those bikes run effectively, for a long time, so that we are able to get to work, school, and other locations without the use of gasoline. For this benefit, bikes are able to save us almost 240 million gallons of gasoline per year.

Bicycling as Exercise

Biking has been a common form of exercise for so long we can’t remember. As of 2017 of 66 million people had been bike riding within a year, while many of those people use this as a regular form of exercise. Biking doesn’t have to be outside either, with many different machines available inside a gym at all times for exercise alone.

Custom Wheel Builders

With the many different types of bikes, from children’s bikes to trail bikes and racing bikes, there are many different sizes, widths, and types of wheels needed. Various tires are important to help meet the standards of all these riders, and the wheels are all different as well. Name brand wheels are important to some riders as well, with some brands serving the custom needs of certain bikers.

More than Wheel Builders

There are so many different parts needed to construct the proper bicycle. Any number of parts are included in the construction of a bike for a specific need, including any of the following:

  • Bike brake levers
  • Bike chain
  • Bike frames
  • Bike toe clips
  • Bolts for chainrings
  • Bottom bike bracket
  • Cartridge bottom bracket
  • Chainring bolt
  • Clips for your toes
  • Pedals for bikes

With even more parts than this used to put together a custom bike, there is much to gain for any biker’s specific needs. Have you chosen the type of trails you would be riding? Or possibly you are in the need of a bike that will get you back and forth to work without burning up a ton of gas sitting in traffic? Maybe it is time for your child’s first bike and the need for a basket and additional safety parts is included. Customization of the bike is a benefit for both the customer and the bike producer alike. With the ability to customize the wheel and every other part of the bike, all brands are able to expand their customer base to meet the needs of many more people than where they originally started.

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