4 Steps to Follow Before a Dermatology Appointment


Acne treatment

Many people throughout the world will experience acne at some point during their lives. In fact, statistics show that 85% of people report having acne at one time or another. People of all ages can be affected by acne, not just those who are in their teens. If you’re seeking treatment for acne, you might want to consider visiting a medical dermatologist. In fact, one of the top four causes of uneven skin tone is discoloration that takes place due to the development of acne scars. With that in mind, here are four steps to take before visiting a dermatologist for acne treatment.

  1. Bring List of Current Skin Products

    It’s important to be honest while at the dermatology clinic. You’ll likely be asked to list all types of skincare products you’re currently using. With that in mind, your dermatologist will have a clear idea of how to prepare treatments for you. If you don’t list all skincare products, you might waste time being given acne treatments that you’re already using.
  2. Tell Dermatologist About Your Current Medications

    After being asked about skincare products you’re using, you’ll likely be asked about what current medications you’re taking. Considering that, it’s wise to list all medications you are using. Providing this information allows your dermatologist to provide treatments that won’t interact with any current medications you’re taking.
  3. Clean Face Before Appointment

    You’ll want to ensure that a dermatologist has a clear picture of how your skin currently looks. Considering that, you don’t want to show up for your dermatologist appointment with skin that is hidden behind makeup or other beauty products. It’s best to simply and lightly wash your face before arriving for your appointment. In turn, your dermatologist will have a far easier time selecting treatment options. One common type of treatment is the removal of acne scars. In fact, statistics show that over 40% of children with acne or scars from this condition are treated by dermatologists.
  4. Considering Taking Notes

    It’s likely that you will learn quite a bit of information during your appointment with a dermatologist. With that in mind, you don’t want to forget valuable information in regards to how to keep acne away. Bringing a small notebook is wise to ensure you’re taking notes that you will always have with you. Following the information obtained by a dermatologist can drastically improve your skin quickly.

To summarize, there are several steps to take before visiting a dermatologist. You’ll want to bring a list of both medications and skincare products with you to your appointment. It’s important to be completely honest in order to prevent a dermatologist from giving you treatments that interact with anything you’re currently using. You’ll want to lightly clean your face before your appointment arrives. In addition, it’s important to not wear makeup or anything else that could mask your skin. You might find it beneficial to bring a notebook with you to your appointment in order to remember any information presented to you during your visit.

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