Sports Injuries for Children ER vs Doctor


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For American kids, there are many sports to play that require kids to wear pads, have protective equipment, and check themselves often for injuries. Kids are kids though and sometimes they won’t be entirely aware of their injuries enough to tell their parents, especially if the event takes place in the backyard rather than a sponsored event.

American kids have many dangerous sports to play. They include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track and field, and more. Football remains the most prevalent case of injuries, with basketball second, and baseball third. Hockey does not rank in the top three possibly due to the padding but also perhaps due to the lack of participation.

The statistics are: The most dangerous youth sports are football, basketball, and baseball. Each year, more than 215,000 children between the ages 5 to 14 are treated in emergency rooms for football related injuries, 170,000 for basketball-related injuries, and 110,000 for baseball and softball.

There are many American children that have sports related injuries that are treated in the emergency room. More than 775,000 children (14 and younger) are treated in emergency rooms for sports injuries each year, with the most common causes being falls, being struck by an object, collisions, and overexertion.

And every year 30 million children and teens participate in some organized sports, and more than 3.5 million injuries occur annually. Children and teens are suspect to injuries given their young and still developing bodies. However, many believe that team sports for children are important as they foster a sense of teamwork that enables them to grow later.

Sports is also a chance for kids of a certain age to learn communication skills, make friends with their teammates, and get to know their classmates better, if participation is in a sport in a school-related function. This is important for young children growing in age.

But sports cause injuries. They can be broken bones, lacerations, dehydration, bumps and bruises, concussions and more. The football leagues for young American children are facing a problem with concussions and what is called CTE, which is a result of possible brain damage from concussions sustained in football.

The National Football League has fought against the research about CTE for some time, even as more players come out with statements that they have been affected by CTE due to concussions. Football is an inherently violent game and collisions are a part of that game, resulting in concussions. However, young children are even susceptible.

Children have some options when it comes to treating ailments and injuries that are sustained on the field of play. They have the option of going to the emergency room, which hundreds of thousands do per year. They have the opportunity to see the family doctor and get the injury analyzed and examined.

They also have the chance of getting physical therapy if the injury is serious and needs to be rehabbed. Some statistics about physical therapy include:

  • A 2015 study published in the journal Health Services Research found that initial treatment with physical therapy results in 72% fewer costs in the year following the episode. The study compared patients who received either an MRI or physical therapy after their primary care visit.
  • Physical therapy is a medical discipline dating back 2,500 years. Many of today?s physical therapy techniques are actually almost 2500 years ago. Hippocrates is believed to be one of the first practitioners, and therapeutic massage, manual therapy, and hydrotherapy were practiced as early as 460 BC.

Physical therapy is useful for treating injuries where the muscle needs to relearn movements or if certain muscles need to be strengthened around the one that has been injured. There are many names of physical therapy and different words associated with the practice of physical therapy.

They include back pain treatment, chronic pain treatment, pain management, pain management center, physical rehabilitation, physical therapy center, physical therapy centers, rehabilitation center, and more. There are specific treatment words as well, such as rheumatology treatment, spinal cord stimulator and more.

Some people suffer from back pain, whether as the result of sports or other situations. Back pain treatment can consist of physical therapy. It is possible to have surgery for back pain treatment as well. Back pain treatment can persist, leading to uncomfortable situations.

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