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How Much Weight Would You Like to Lose by Summer?

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Busy weekends can go one of two ways.
You spend the entire time eating fast food in an effort to get you from one event to another, or you find yourself so busy that you never really have time to eat during the day and instead eat too much too late in the day right before you go to bed.
In an ideal world, we always have both the time and the will power to make sure that we are eating a healthy amount of the most nutritious foods. In reality, however, busy weekends when we rush from one activity to another and one event to the next often mean that all plans for healthy eating are forgotten. Instead, we eat too much of what we know is not good for us and basically erase all of the efforts that we have made in the past.
Too many weekends of this kind of unhealthy and unregulated eating ar

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4 Reasons to Consider A Remote Doctor

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Have you ever wanted to Skype your doctor so you wouldn’t have to drive over to the hospital? Well, as technology advances the time when that is a firm possibility may be at hand. Telemedicine is a new form of medical practice that is finding many uses in the world. Having a remote doctor contact patients through cameras, microphones, and other technology from a separate location can benefit many people. Here are 4 scenarios where a remote doctor is the right call.

  1. When Living in a Rural Area
    The most important of telemedicine benefits is that it provides help for those living too far from their doctors. Consider those who are living in rural areas. Perhaps the closest doctor is a few hours away. What if someone is stranded without transportation when living in such an area? This i
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Three Ways Doctors Cancel Cancer

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Since the 1970s, cancer rates have been on the rise in the United States. In 2016 the U.S. saw about 1.6 million new cases of cancer, which were fatal to about 600,000 of these patients. While there are many potential factors to this increase in cancer rates, such as population growth, higher life expectancy, and nutritional changes, it’s still difficult for researchers and medical professionals to pinpoint the exact reasons. Fortunately, despite the rising number of cancer cases, more and more are being prevented and effectively treated than ever before. This is all thanks to technological breakthroughs of the past couple decades.

Since cancer attacks healthy cells in the body, there are several types of cancer, each one different based on which part of the body is under attack. One of the most common ty

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