Properly Planning for Your Aging Parent’s Move Into Your House


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Being the primary caregiver for your senior parent can be overwhelming and difficult. You find that you are responsible for a lot of their everyday hygiene and household tasks. You may also have to provide routine medical care for them. With increasing medical and daily living needs as seniors get older, many adult parents attempt to find alternative living arrangements for them. Many will make the decision to move them into their own home. If you have recently made this decision, you will find that some preparation is required to make them comfortable and safe in your house.

Easy mobility Seniors are often met with bone and joint disorders as they get older. They may require canes or wheelchairs to effectively get around. If your house is larger, attempt to find a living arrangement that requires minimal movement for your senior parent. Make sure that they have easy access to their bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. It may even be beneficial to have direct and easy access to the living room area.

It is not always easy to change the layout of the home to better accompany mobility aids for seniors. If this is not a possibility in your house, consider rearranging furniture. Keep things like plants and lamps out of the corners for easier movement. Find a way to turn a floor level additional room into a bedroom to prevent excess stair usage. If stairs are necessary, be sure that your senior parent can comfortable handle them. If not, consider having a stair lift installed on them. Purchase the best walkers for seniors, as they are usually smaller and able to fit in tighter of houses.

Ease of communication You will find it impossible to be next to your senior parent every minute of the day. This is especially true if your living arrangements are on a different level of the house. As long as your senior parent is healthy enough to be left alone, this can be an acceptable living arrangement. However, ensure that they are able to communicate or get ahold of you at any time. That way, they can reach you in the event of an emergency. This might be the presence of a phone or intercom system in their bedroom.

Comfort Aging seniors are required to spend a lot of time at home, often in their bedrooms. Focus on comfort and safety when preparing their room. Purchase a bed that is comfortable, but that is also easy to get in and out of. Also remember to purchase disposable bed pads to prevent accidents from ruining the new bed. Disposable bed pads are relatively cost effective and can save seniors from any embarrassments, as many can remove the disposable bed pads themselves.

You may also invest in disposable bed protectors to further protect the bed. In most cases, they are made comfortable so that your parent will not even know they are there. They are very effective in protecting both the bed and the mattress, along with any mattress toppers on the bedding. Have plenty of bedding available to quickly change out, in the event of any accidents.

Purchase comfortable pillows and possibly even a cotton roll that can be used for any aches and pains during sleep. If your parent is constantly cold during the night, purchase a portable heater to place by the bed. This allows them to hold a comfortable temperature in their room, without affecting the house or the other members living in the house. An osculating fan can be beneficial for those parents who are dealing with frequent hot flashes. Disposable bed pads can also help excessive sweat from hot flashes from ruining the bedding.

As seniors age, they require additional assistance with everyday tasks. It may become unsafe for them to live alone. Most adult children feel uncomfortable sending them to a nursing home and home care assistance may not be enough reassurance. If you have decided to move your senior parent into your home, it will require careful planning and preparation for a smooth transition. Planning properly will make everyone in the household more comfortable.

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