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Here are 3 Services That Are Offered at Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers are located in towns and cities across the United States, in fact it’s not uncommon for larger cities to have two or three in close proximity. These medical clinics are notable because they don’t require an appointment to be made in advance in order to receive treatment. Also, apart from offering convenient medical services, urgent care centers also provide a number of important medical services, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Physical Therapy: Some might be surprised to learn that one service offered at urgent care centers is physical therapy. Now, not all urgent care facilities carry this service, but quite a number offer the opportunity for patients to get much-needed physical therapy at their facility. As the need for physical therapy can arise without warning, this provides a convenient location for patients to get the therapy they need.
  • The Annual Flu Shot: Another service offered at urgent care centers is the annual
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Three Services Offered By Urgent Care Clinics

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There are a variety of reasons why we’re trending away from typical medical care and towards urgent care clinics. For one thing, no matter what kind of insurance you have, medical care can be expensive at times. Often times, health insurance is meant to cover the cost of major procedures — including major surgeries or long-term treatments like chemotherapy — but doesn’t help much with day-to-day ailments. Another issue people have with going to the doctor’s office or emergency room is the amount of time it takes out of their day. Even when appointments are made, the wait time makes them last much longer — it can be difficult to find a time with a doctor’s visit doesn’t conflict with work, and nobody wants to spen

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How Effective is Treatment Offered by Urgent Care Centers?

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The average local urgent care facility welcomes an estimated 342 patients each week in the United States, as reported by the Urgent Care Association of America. Besides being sound health care policy, local urgent care centers have recently helped unburden primary care doctors from the huge caseloads they typically carry. The fact is that at the moment, there just are not enough primary care physicians available to treat all patients needing care. This problem has resulted in long wait times for appointments and a marked decrease in the amount of time a doctor can spend with her patients. Local urgent centers help to fill in this health care gap, and because local urgent care centers accept most forms of health insurance, urgent care visits are not any more costly, and sometimes less so, than primary

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