How Much Weight Would You Like to Lose by Summer?


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Busy weekends can go one of two ways.
You spend the entire time eating fast food in an effort to get you from one event to another, or you find yourself so busy that you never really have time to eat during the day and instead eat too much too late in the day right before you go to bed.
In an ideal world, we always have both the time and the will power to make sure that we are eating a healthy amount of the most nutritious foods. In reality, however, busy weekends when we rush from one activity to another and one event to the next often mean that all plans for healthy eating are forgotten. Instead, we eat too much of what we know is not good for us and basically erase all of the efforts that we have made in the past.
Too many weekends of this kind of unhealthy and unregulated eating are just one example of what can eventually lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to an unhealthy weight gain. So unhealthy, in fact, that the problem can even seem beyond anything that can be solved. If you are one of the 66% of adults in America who are considered to be overweight or obese, you may find yourself in a position where you are looking for professional weight loss help.
From cool sculpting to other popular and more traditional weight loss programs, you can often find the help you need to lose the weight that you want in a medically safe way. In addition, professional weight loss help centers can also prepare you for a future filled with proper amounts of healthy exercise and wise calorie choices. Weight loss centers with medical personnel, in fact, may be the solution to your lifetime struggle with weight.
During the winter we are able to cover up those extra pounds that we have packed on, but as the long days of summer get closer you might be extra anxious to make sure that you are looking your best for swimsuit days by the pool and walking short days on the hiking trail. In an effort to make sure that you are able to be your best for your next goal, professional weight loss help may be the answer.
Consider some of these statistics about Americans and their love/hate relationship with food, exercise, and weight gain:

  • 16% of children and adolescents between the ages of six and 19 are considered obese.
  • 33% of children and adolescents ages between the ages of six to 19 are considered overweight or obese.
  • 5% of adults are considered to have extreme obesity.
  • 33% of adults are considered obese.
  • 66% of adults are considered overweight or obese.
  • 4 weight loss attempts a year is the average of most Americans.
  • You need to diet or exercise your way to a 500-calorie deficit every day in order to lose one pound a week, a rate of weight loss that is considered safe.
  • 3,500 calories is the amount of calories you need to burn to lose a pound of fat, according to current research.
  • 5% to 10% loss of your weight is proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease.
  • Only 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.
  • 33% of adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.

Obesity is a major problem in America. Although almost everyone understands that it takes a combination of healthy eating and portion control, along with 30 minutes of exercise of four to five times a week to avoid gaining weight, many people still need to work ti maintain these goals. Being overweight can lead to a life full of other problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other conditions. For some people, diet and exercise are not enough to reach their goals. For these individuals, professional weight loss help may be the solution.
The decision to work with a medical staff and use the latest techniques and approaches can mean the difference between a life that is full of weight struggles and a healthy life. Are you ready to have a healthier lifestyle where you are in control and happy with how you look and feel? Learn more at this link.

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