Why Its Important to Correct an Overbite


An overbite is a condition where the upper teeth bite over the bottom teeth, creating a poor contact or occlusion surface. This causes serious dental complications like biting into the gums, oral hygiene issues, poor digestion, and it can lead to having an embarrassing smile. To fix an overbite, the services of an orthodontic dental clinic are required. With the help of braces, it is possible to realign the jaw, help guide teeth back into formation, and fix a broken smile.

As shown in the video, an overbite can lead to speech impairments, which can create poor self-esteem.

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People who have an overbite tend to be self-conscious, and they may consciously cover their mouths when they speak or prefer not to speak in public. Overbite can also create pressure on the jaw, which can lead to serious pain and constant discomfort. To correct an overbite, braces or specialized surgery may be required. With early treatment, it’s possible to fix overbite early in a child’s life with minimal interference or invasive procedures.

When an overbite is fixed, it is possible to have healthier teeth and gums, a better smile, and improved self-confidence.

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