How Do Medical Devices Get Cleaned in Hospitals?


Medical instrument safety in medicine is very important because you are dealing with people’s lives. Therefore, a medical center cleaning such as Sunnybrook’s hospital, as the video shows, illustrates the medical equipment’s safety process used in surgery and other hospital areas. Some of this equipment is reused, and with advanced technology in medicine, one has to keep an array of technological instruments. First, the tools undergo reprocessing decontamination to free them of contaminants such as body fluids and blood as they are soaked in a special solution.

Video Source

The instruments are later put in Turbo 88s for effective pressure spray for 45 minutes to ensure they are bacteria-free, as shown in the video. From the Turbo 88s, which is a specialized technology, the instruments will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, ready packaging in the trays by the staff. Different tools have different trays for easy identification by surgeons and nurses. The final process entails thorough sterilization of the instruments through the industrial steamers. The whole sterilization process is done strictly because there is no room for error whatsoever in medicine. Accuracy and precision don’t start with the surgeon but with the medical center cleaning the medical instruments for safety.

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