How to Not be Afraid of the Dentist


Most of us at one point in our lives were afraid of the dentist. It didn’t matter if it was a normal checkup, fillings, or periodontics. Going to the dentist was scary and for some, it continues to be a uncomfortable and even a scary experience.

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In this video, Sharonne talks about how to end your fear of going to the dentist.

In this video, Sharonne talks about how trauma victims may also feel anxiety at the dentist because they are in a similarly uncontrollable situation. This anxiety can lead to sub-par dental practices and patients not brushing their teeth or flossing regularly. Sharonne talks about how dentists should listen to patients and consider their needs individually. This is especially true of anxious patients. This requires a certain level of community but only a little extra effort. It will make all the difference. On the other side, patients should feel free to speak up for themselves and their needs. If a patient is feeling anxious, they should attempt to communicate this. Most dental professionals do care and will do their best to accommodate.


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