Common Misconceptions Plastic Surgeons Hear


Are you looking into getting plastic surgery? Before starting the process, here are some common misconceptions about the process as discussed by plastic surgeons themselves.

One of the most common myths is that you can have plastic surgery without scars. Of course, any time that you are getting full incisions, there will be scars.

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Surgeons do, however, have ways of minimizing the appearance of scars by hiding them in natural creases, putting them in places where undergarments would cover them, and recommending scar therapy. Within a year following the procedure, your scars should be nearly imperceptible.

Another misconception is that you cannot afford plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not just for celebrities, and oftentimes, there are payment plans that can be set in place to make your goals more obtainable. Fear of coming off as vain, selfish, or fake are also roadblocks plastic surgeons run into when talking with their clients. Remember, it is not selfish to want to feel better about the skin you are in!

People also are under the assumption that plastic surgery will be incredibly painful. New techniques minimize this pain, but there will always be discomfort. There are things you can do on your own to make the process go smoother and speed up your recovery time.


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