How to Pass Your Aviation Medical Exam


When you’ve sacrificed so much of your time and energy learning how to fly an aircraft, it can be nerve wracking to think that there are still more tests that you need in order to legally use your skills and fly. Every person who operates an aircraft needs to get their license, and every license requires that you pass the Aviation Medical Exam. This exam is designed to ensure that your body is fit for flying an airplane without jeopardizing others. This video shares how to pass your Aviation Medical Exam with flying colors (no pun intended).

Faa medical exams are a part of every pilot’s journey to fly planes. In order to pass the test, there are several forms and medical questionnaires that you will need to fill out.

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Bring your medical ID as well as your healthcare card to your test. Some common tips are to not drink any coffee before the exam. Coffee can unknowingly increase your hypertension, and this could cause you to fail. Additionally, be sure to drink a glass of water before entering the medical center to provide a decent urine sample. Happy flying!


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