How can you hide from cold and flu season without being its victim


The season is setting in, that time where the coughing and chills pair up with sneezing and sometimes the occasional fever. That’s it folks, cold and flu season is coming without quilling its rage their year. Of course, you don’t have the time for either one of these aliments to hold you back from the daily work that you do. Considering that Americans get roughly a billion colds every year you may not be able to escape these vicious infections. But what can you do to try and take care of yourself before rushing directly to urgent care for medical treatment? Well let’s take a look and find out if there is anything that will prevent you from being one of the 20% of Americans who end up with the flu or the one billion who suffer from colds.

Shots are your friend

One of the easiest ways to hide from the flu is to make sure that you get your flu shots. No one likes going for shots, but when the benefits out way the bad, then getting these flu shots is never a bad idea. Your local urgent care can administer the single prick and before you know it the possibility of getting the flu are significantly reduced. How much easier would it be to prevent something from happening before it ever gets the chance to happen?

If you for any reason cannot have a flu shot, here are some good ways of hiding from the common cold as well as the flu.

Wash your hands

Constantly wash your hands. After you touch anything foreign make sure that your hands are washed in warm water with lots of soap for at least twenty seconds. While this may seem tedious, to constantly be washing your hands, it’ll protect you from getting that awful cold that keeps you from enjoying the colder temps of the season.

Binge on fluids

You may think that the risk of dehydration only runs in the summer heat but that is not true. If you are low on fluids than it makes it difficult for your body to maintain yourself. Keeping a bottle of water on you at all times can protect you from many different things including the common cold and the flu.

Keep your distance

Is anyone around you already sick? Keep your distance from them and avoid their symptoms. If you are careful of who you’re hanging around then that will be another easy way for you to avoid the common cold or the flu from coming to you. Your immune system doesn’t need to be easily compromised from anyone who is already a carrier of the viruses.

You are what you eat

Watch the meals you are consuming! Fruits and veggies can boost the immune system and help you to fight off things like the flu easier. If you eat healthy regularly then it helps you to feel better easier. If you find yourself under the weather it might be time to change your diet. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctors away, this might just be something true. If the urgent care is not a place you’d like to visit eat up!

With cold and flu season upon us, make certain you’re protecting yourself from the flu and colds. With the above steps you can begin protecting yourself right now. Stay healthy this season, but if you do find yourself under the weather and in need of a good doctor to get you back on your feet go to your local urgent care for help. With 20,000 doctors within the urgent care practice, these doctors are the ones who know how to treat you and get you back to your healthy self again in no time. Do your body a favor, take care of yourself at all costs.

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