Why Urgent Care? Here are Four Major Benefits


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Urgent care has become an increasingly popular form of medical care within the United States. In fact, around 20% of urgent care centrs across the country see up to or more than 450 patients per week. So why urgent care? Here are four undeniable benefits:

  1. Fast and Efficient
    With urgent care, it’s typically guaranteed that the nurse or general practitioner will see you within the hour. According to statistics gathered by the Urgent Care Association, 57% of patients were seen in less than 15 minutes, and 80% were seen in under an hours. Such a short wait time allows patients to get the help they need without having to sacrifice an entire day’s worth of time.
  2. Accessible, at Any Hour
    While most doctor’s offices operate only on weekdays between the hours and 9 am-4 pm, many urgent care locations offer more flexible schedules. In fact, urgent care centers are typically open on Saturdays and Sundays, and most are open before 9 am. This enables those who are sick to get treated, even if it’s a weekend. Besides, the best of doctors and care facilities never take a day off!
  3. Low Cost
    When uninsured or on a plan with a high deductible rate, a trip to the doctor’s office can often seem as if it isn’t even worth the visit. Luckily, urgent care promises low prices, ranging from $15-$75. And while the latter might seem expensive, consider that alternative forms of medical care costs can creep up into the hundreds for something as simple as a checkup.
  4. Versatility
    While many think that urgent care is limited to check ups, flu shots, and the common cold, the truth is that urgent care attends to all sorts of medical care and maladies. For example, a great deal of urgent care centers are capable of inserting intravenous fluids when needed, and many are able to screen for broken bones, and help with bodily aches such as back problems.

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