Treating Sunburns and More at Clinics


Some health problems are mild enough so that a victim does not need to visit a hospital or its emergency room, but all the same, anyone who suffers a minor wound or condition such as a sunburn, a sports injury like a sprain, or needing stitches or a cut can visit an urgent care clinic or a walk in clinic to get the treatment, medication, or anything else that they need. Many thousands of these clinics exist across the United States, and many of them are open seven days a week. Someone with a sunburn, a twisted ankle, a cut, or other harm from visiting the beach or other outdoor activity is urged to find a 24 hour clinic or similar facility to get the treatment they need in a timely manner.


Lesser injuries do not call for an ER, but afflictions like a sunburn, a cut, twisted ankles, wrist sprains, and more should be looked at by experts in emergency care as soon as possible. Those going to the beach in Florida or California may be in for a good time, but there are hazards there like with anywhere else, and someone who gets hurt should get to a clinic right away. For example, it has been found that a total of 88,620 beach rescues took place in 2016 alone, and Sports Medicine Australia found that around 2.2 injuries per 1,000 surfing days occur, which figures to 0.26 injuries per surfer per year. On beaches, for example, a person may get hurt after jumping or pulling a muscle playing volleyball (63% of all volleyball injuries are related to jumping around), and there may be broken glass in the sand that a person may accidentally step on. Clinics can also be visited for more general problems such as refilling drug prescriptions, food allergies, rashes, blisters, or even head colds and the flu, especially during the peak season for those viruses. A person may also get stitches at a local clinic for cuts, and ankle sprains can be treated there as well. In fact, it has been determined that 25,000 Americans suffer a sprain every single day, often from running or playing sports, so visiting a clinic is a good option for when this happens.

Visiting a Clinic

A sunburn, a sprained joint, the flu, or needing to refill a prescription and more are reasons to seek out a local clinic. Often, finding one is a matter of searching “24 hour walk in clinics near me” into a smart phone or computer and getting the name, address, directions to, and hours of a local clinic, and given how many are across the country, nearly any city area or town should have one, whose staff of physicians and nurse practitioners are ready to help. Not all of them are open 24 hours or seven days a week, but many are, and even the ones that are not should have broad and convenient hours of operation for their patients.

These clinics are designed to be convenient and affordable for anyone who needs to visit them for a sunburn, a cut, or anything else. Often, the wait time at such a clinic can be just 15 minutes or so, and a clinic may see up to three patients per hour, and that is even factoring in the massive traffic that these clinics see every single year. They are often much more affordable than a hospital stay, and they may accept various health insurance carriers for their patients. Someone intending to visit a clinic is urged to look into their exact costs, fees, and accepted insurance companies beforehand to see what costs should be expected. Life-threatening problems cannot be treated at these clinics, but nearly anything else can.

Some clinics are in fact retail clinics, and this means that they are found inside major, brand-name retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens, so visiting one can easy because these retailers are large and are placed in busy areas, not to mention the ample parking that they have for their customers. Here, drug prescriptions can be easily obtained, along with cold or flu treatment or ointment for a sunburn.

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