Taking A Look At How We Can Fight Obesity In The United States


Here in the United States (as well as in a number of other developed countries throughout the world), obesity is rampant and hugely destructive among children and adults alike. In fact, when we look at the total number of adults in this country, we find that less than half of them are actually medically considered to be at a healthy weight. The rest are overweight or even obese, meaning that such people represent, at two thirds, the majority of the adult population all throughout the country. In addition to this, unfortunately, it has been found that many children are overweight or even obese as well, setting them up young for a number of health concerns and conditions early on in their life and likely to be prevalent over the course of it.

And there are many causes of obesity. Diet is, of course, one. As some people say, it’s hard to outrun the plate. In many of our busy lives, grabbing a dinner or a lunch that is far from healthy is not uncommon, and stopping for fast food often takes less time, less energy, and even less money than preparing a home cooked meal. On top of this, fast food has become more accessible than ever before, as the number of fast food establishments in this country alone has doubled in the last 50 or so years – and is only continuing to grow. Unfortunately, these fast food products are not only high in calories but also contain unhealthy levels of sugars, sodium, refined grains, and saturated fats as well and are far from nutritionally dense or complete.

But nutrition is not the only concern. A lack of exercise is also prevalent throughout society, with only 5% of all adults getting up and moving for even just 30 minutes out of the day – and less than half of them getting the weekly recommended amount of exercise. And the numbers don’t look much better for children either, as the average child will use screen for up to seven and a half hours of the day – but only one third of them will engage in some level or type of physical activity.

And it’s clear that obesity and inactivity come with a number of health problems. Of course, obesity puts a strain on your joints, and many people who are morbidly obese or even super morbidly obese find that they have a difficult time navigating the world without pain. In addition to this, it’s estimated that about a third of the population has been or will be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a condition brought on by lifestyle choices in both the obese and those of normal weight (though it is certainly far more common among obese people).

A combination of eating right and getting enough exercise can change this however, with just half of an hour of exercise for five days of the week improving your cardiovascular health by a considerable amount. Exercise is a great way to lose weight as well, of course, particularly when coupled with a healthy diet. And for those who are hesitant to engage in exercise on a regular basis, it’s important to remember that exercise comes in many different forms, all of which can be very much effective.

For instance, buying gym equipment from a home fitness store near you can be an ideal option for many people throughout the country. When you get your own exercise equipment, it’s likely to cost a good chunk of change at the time of purchase – but it’s also likely to save you a good deal of money in the long run, as gym memberships are exorbitantly expensive (and highly difficult to get out of) more often than they are not. Working out and exercising from home can be idea for those who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym to exercise – as well as for those who simply don’t have the time or the inclination to be out of their homes after work. But no matter what type of exercise you choose, all have benefits.

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