Controlling Contamination in a PCR Lab


Obtaining results in a PCR Lab is crucial to delivering the desired service. In a PCR lab setup, learn how to minimize and avoid contamination through this video.

Contamination usually comes from two sources: cross-contamination or carry-over contamination from a previous PCR sample.

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Obviously, this should be avoided at all costs. To prevent cross-contamination, it is essential to wear a clean lab coat and change gloves frequently. Be aware of your surroundings and see if there are any risk factors for your experiments.

If possible, you should maintain separate areas for respective substances and sample preparation. A flow hood and UV lamp should also be part of the PCR lab setup in order to prevent bacteria from growing. Be sure to decontaminate equipment, surfaces, and workstations. This should be done both before and after each and every PCR experiment. Lastly, make sure to always use sterilized glassware in order to prevent tainted results in your experiments. .

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