Are Face Shields Effective at Preventing Disease?


The world of PPE has changed quite a bit during the last year and a half. Things like face masks and face shields have become incredibly commonplace. But how are face shields helping us prevent the spread of disease? Are they beneficial in schools and other settings? Here’s what you need to know.

Face shields, while not as effective as fabric masks for preventing the spread of disease, are still helpful tools. When used in tandem with another fabric face covering, face shields actually have the ability to reduce the chances of infection by a significant margin. Alone, face shields can do a few things.

First, face shields are quite effective at containing large droplets from the mouth and nose. they’re also effective for blocking large droplets from entering the nose and eyes. For dentists and other medical professionals working in close proximity to nasal and oral cavities, face shields offer excellent protection for the eyes and nose.

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While face shields aren’t very effective at trapping smaller droplets and particles, they can deflect the larger ones fairly well. If you want the best protection, it’s smart to combine face shields with fabric face masks.


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