What You Can Expect At Your First Chiropractic Treatment Appointment


A visit to the chiropractor can be a source of immense physical relief for many patients. However, some adults are intimidated by the prospect of an unfamiliar medical procedure, which may cause them to avoid seeking care. If this describes you, learn more about what to expect from your first chiropractic treatment appointment so you can attend your visit with peace of mind.

First, it’s important to address the noises you often hear when watching videos of chiropractic treatment.

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These simply indicate relief from the spine, similar to the popping sound you make when you crack your knuckles, so there isn’t any need to be alarmed. Before your practitioner begins, they’ll need background information about your case. They might request an x-ray so they can assess the state of your spine to determine the best course of action. You will need to lay face down on the table, much like when you receive a massage. The table might shift under you, but this is normal. Sometimes, patients who are either extremely young or on the older side will benefit from a gentler approach. In these cases, the chiropractor might opt to use a tool rather than their bare hands.

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