What Do Optometrists Do?


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Seeing the optometrist is important for healthy eyes, but it’s also important for monitoring overall health too. Optometrists will help make sure your vision isn’t impaired and check for signs of other disorders, like diabetes or high blood pressure. This video explains exactly what optometrists do and why it’s important to see them.

Your optometrist appointment will begin with you explaining to the doctor why you’re coming in. Maybe you’re noticing a change in your vision. Maybe the current corrective lenses or contacts you have aren’t as effective or comfortable as they were. Maybe your vision is fine but you’re experiencing other problems, like inflammation. Either way, start an honest dialogue with your doctor to get the ball rolling.

If you’re in for an update to your corrective lenses or contacts, the optometrist will measure the changes and prescribe you the necessary equipment. There is a range of options based on your needs, lifestyle, and fashion sense, so whatever you’re looking, for the optometrist can help.

If the optometrist does find a more serious problem, they will refer you to an expert who can diagnose you and create the proper treatment plan. It may be an optometrist with a higher qualification, your PCP, or an ophthalmologist.

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