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Simply Healthy Changes You Can Make in Your Office

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Health and job performance are well known to be related: healthy and happy employees will be more productive and more focused at work. Still, there are many companies who operate on older principles of labor, overemphasizing competition and deadlines to the detriment to their employees and their businesses output.
If you are looking for a way to transition into a more worker friendly environment, but not sure you are ready for any large scale changes, then consider the following small changes you can make around the office.

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Diet is an incredibly important component of a healthier life. While some companies include bonuses for eating healthy, or offer reim

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How to Tell If Back Pain Is Urgent Enough for Urgent Care

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If an injury occurs, especially a life and death injury, then taking a trip to the ER is common sense. But what if you show up at the ER with back pain and the doctors dismiss your injury as unimportant or turn you away? If this happens, fortunately, there are urgent care centers available to assist the ER leftovers. And with 85% of urgent care centers open seven days a week and ready to provide immediate attention to medical needs, walk in health clinics are an ideal replacement for the ER.

But will doctors at the clinic turn away your back pain too? Thankfully, this won’t happen. And not only is urgent care going to provide you with the care you need, it will also be worth the trip for several reasons. Here are three reasons why your back pain is urgent enough for urgent care.


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Are You Looking for Ways to Keep You Failing Parent at Home?

Types of walkers for elderly

These have been difficult weeks. In fact, looking back on the stress and the sadness, it is difficult to imagine that it has only been six weeks, not months. You are so weary with worry that it certainly feels like it has been more than just a few weeks that you have been coming to terms with your father’s sudden illness.
The diagnosis of cancer, however, can seem like a life sentence even when you are only a few weeks into the process. When, for instance, your father went from a vibrant man who was occasionally slurring a few words or forgetting a few thoughts to someone who is now dealing with the almost complete loss of the right side of his body, it really does feel as if this new reality has been a part of your life forever. You try to recall his strong, forceful voice when he was in the

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