How to Tell If Back Pain Is Urgent Enough for Urgent Care

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If an injury occurs, especially a life and death injury, then taking a trip to the ER is common sense. But what if you show up at the ER with back pain and the doctors dismiss your injury as unimportant or turn you away? If this happens, fortunately, there are urgent care centers available to assist the ER leftovers. And with 85% of urgent care centers open seven days a week and ready to provide immediate attention to medical needs, walk in health clinics are an ideal replacement for the ER.

But will doctors at the clinic turn away your back pain too? Thankfully, this won’t happen. And not only is urgent care going to provide you with the care you need, it will also be worth the trip for several reasons. Here are three reasons why your back pain is urgent enough for urgent care.

1. Can a Visit to the Doctor Save You Money?

Even though 69% of Americans live with back pain on a daily basis, 40% of them don’t see a doctor or visit a physical therapist. This may seem reasonable, but in the long run, it could be costing you. Without utilizing physical therapy—found in most walk in health centers—you’ll end up losing the $2,736.23 you could save on future medical costs, according to a medical study.

2. Are There More Issues Lurking Behind Your Back Pain?

Back pain could simply be back pain (probably due to a weak back or excess strain), but it could also be a symptom of another medical issue. By taking your back pain to a clinic, you may discover you have something as serious as a tumor. Or you could be addressing other medical issues such as arthritis, kidney stones, infections, endometriosis, or fibromyalgia.

3. A Quick Visit May Relieve Future Pain

It may seem like you’re saving time by ignoring back pain, but if back pain isn’t tackled head on, it could lead to future pain. In many instances, back pain escalates if not treated. In order to prevent future pain, treatments could be as simple as taking the right medication or working with a physician to alter the injury through physical means. Thus, taking a quick visit to a walk in health clinic renders these solutions without dragging out the process with a regular doctor.

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