The 4 Different Types of Bedpans


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When your health has declined, it’s important that you have the best equipment available. The difference in having the proper equipment around you can mean an easier time during recovery, a comfortable living style during that recovery, and possibly even aid the professionals in helping you stay healthy. Any piece of medical equipment counts from expensive scanners to the different types of bedpans. That’s right, there are in fact different types of bedpans out there. To help you figure out which type of bedpan is best for your situations, whether you are a repeat inpatient for chemotherapy or you are a looking at assisted living homes. Here is some info on the four different types of bedpans.

  1. The Standard Bedpan
    The first bedpan to consider is the standard model. This is what you often find when looking to purchase and it is used frequently. Ultimately, this standard model is built to act is a make shift seat that will fit under the user. This will make it easier to have a portable place to deposit liquid waste and to some frequent solid waste too. This make shirt seat is also bowl shaped to help with catch and keep waste from getting out of bedpan. So, if the patient in questions has limited mobility due to medical canes, medical walkers, or anything else, they can use the standard bedpan without worry.
  2. Fracture Bedpans
    This time, we’re going to talk about fracture bedpans. This type of bedpan is more wedge shaped than the dome and oval shaped standard style that was talked about before. In addition, the bowl aspect of the bedpan is shallower making for a lower collection functionality. “So why chose this bedpan?” you may be asking. Well, that is because its is even easier to slide under a patient who may have problems moving around. This could be anyone with broken bones or elderly patients whose limbs don’t respond as well as they used to. Any kind of problem with movement could mean its better to get a fracture bedpan that can maneuver around it.
  3. Urinals
    Next, we have urinals. Urinals are another type of bedpan, but this time they have a much different look than the oval or wedge shaped bedpans that have been discussed so far. In fact, urinal bedpans can have a varying degree of looks.

    Possibly the most common looking urinal bedpan is one that is cylinder shaped and can also stand upright. This bedpan is often used for men. This again adds to ease and accessibility for those in need. Such a tool is essential in health care. If a patient is looking to make everyday errands easy and possible, look for bedpans for sale as they are tools that can help in the long run.
  4. Variations And Disposable Deadpans
    As mentioned earlier, there are different variations out there of bedpans. While the three different types of bedpans were mentioned above, there are still many others that are out there. As such, this fourth section is a sort of umbrella category for any other bedpans that may be out there.

    These variations can because by many things. First, there could be the form of the tool. For instance, in the first three options we have a circular shape, a wedge shape, and a cylinder shape. Next, there could be a difference in materials. Such materials that you can find often are plastic and metal. While metal is a material that has been used for decades now, plastic also has its benefits. It allows for making disposable bed pads. Making deadpans disposable allows for cleaner and more efficient health care. That said, don’t ever forget the beauty of washed and disinfected tools.

We all want our loves ones to remain happy and healthy. If, sadly, the time comes where health comes into question, we don’t want healthcare to go with it. We want to know that everything technique and tool is being used to maintain our good health. This goes all the way from the physician seeing us through the process to the bedpans being used to keep our daily routines. That’s right, bedpans are a tool that can help keep us healthy and keep us happy. We should remember that and use them whenever we’re in need.

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