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All the Basics You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea

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Did you know that as many as 18 million Americans experience sleep apnea? That number is no joke — and the effects of sleep apnea are real. Believe it or not, about 4% of Americans don?t even realize they have sleep apnea yet. And this is a serious problem, considering the effects of sleep apnea can be so long reaching!

Do you think you might be suffering from sleep apnea? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

How to Tell if You Have Sleep Apnea

There are several common signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. These include constant fatigue, snoring, frequent breathing pauses, depression, and waking up with headaches. In short, you can expect the symptoms of sleep

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Many Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care Centers Offer Services Seven Days a Week

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It’s no secret that many Americans suffer from some sort of pain or experience accidents on a daily basis. That’s why there are emergency room care centers, walk in clinics, hospitals, and urgent cares available all over the country. Some people need to be seen for more serious issues, like broken bones, while others may simply need a checkup or a round of physical therapy. No matter the ailment, Americans should really count themselves lucky that there are so many different types of medical facilities available to them to treat virtually every type of ailment under the sun. But what are the reason

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What You Need to Know About Common Ear Problems

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Did you know that 83% of children will have an ear infection by their third birthday — and 30% of children will have had multiple episodes of ear infections by that point? Ear problems are a constant for some people, and children often experience ear aches more than most — as many harried parents can attest to.

If your child has chronic ear problems, the best thing you can do is get informed. Research these issues, know what causes them (so that you can try and prevent it from happening so often!) and know what the potential treatment solutions are. Here are a few common ear issues you should know about.

Cholesteatoma and Other Chronic Ear Problems

Cholesteatoma and other chronic ear problems is an expanding growth that occurs in the ear. Though they are not actuall

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