Top 3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


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One of the first things we learn about in sex ed during school is how bad STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) are and how we can avoid getting them. Yet, around 110 million Americans still have an STD of some kind (that’s about one in four!). It’s good to get tested fairly regularly if you’re sexually active, and especially if you’re sleeping with new people. The faster you can nip an STD in the bud, the better. Some, like chlamydia or gonorrhea are fairly simple to treat when caught early, but can have serious impacts if not treated right away. Additionally, many people often don’t know when they’re carrying an STD, as there are often no symptoms early (or even later) on. You could be spreading it to the rest of your sexual partners, who in turn share it with any sexual partners they may have, snowballing the effect. There’s always anonymous STD testing for those who need to keep the information discreet for whatever reason.
What STD’s Can I Get Tested For?
When people hear the words “sexually transmitted diseases,” HIV and syphilis often come to mind. However, there are plenty more STD’s that you can get tested (and treated) for. Some of these include gonorrhea, herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, vaginitis, and hepatitis B. Luckily for you, most STD’s are curable and advances in the medical field have made ones that are not 100% curable not a death sentence, like before. Preventing STD’s in the first place is also possible by using condoms, especially latex condoms. And since you can’t always tell if you’re carrying an STD, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get tested if you’ve been sleeping with partners you don’t know very well.
Can I Get Anonymous STD Testing Online?
Online STD testing can occur, but other than HIV, it’s usually not anonymous. You usually can view your test results online and in some cases, if you need fast STD testing, that can help expedite the process. Usually the test results become part of your medical history, unless you ask for anonymity. STD testing clinics or STD testing centers can often release your results online so you don’t have to physically go back and can view them in the privacy of your own house.
Where Can I Go For Anonymous STD Testing?
There are some home STD kits you can purchase at drugstores or pharmacies, although it’s always a good idea to back those test results up with an official STD test from a clinic, center, or hospital. Many gynecology exams will actually offer a free HIV test or other STD test with a regular check up. Some healthcare organizations will also offer STD testing at their locations and there are special STD clinics and centers you can go to as well, outside your usual health care provider.
What Happens If I Leave It Untreated?
Super not good. For one thing, you’re putting numerous other people at risk with your behavior. It’s dangerous for them if they’re unknowing and don’t get tested themselves and you risk spreading that STD in a major way. It can also lead to health complications for you — in some cases, certain STD’s can make you infertile. Others, like syphilis can lead to brain and heart damage, blindness, and even cause death. In any case, they’re uncomfortable and irritating — you shouldn’t hope that they’ll just go away. Be proactive and take care of your STD right away. If you suspect you have an STD, you should go see a doctor or another healthcare professional right away to get tested.
How Can I Avoid Getting an STD?
Obviously, abstinence is the best method to prevent getting an STD. But since many people are sexually active, there are other ways to protect yourself even while having sex. Using condoms is always a good idea as is getting tested regularly if you switch sexual partners. Anonymous STD testing is possible if you need results to be confidential. Insisting that your sexual partner also get tested before you sleep together can help prevent the spread of STD’s as well.

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