What Does It Take to Be a Chiropractor?


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There are currently about 44,000 chiropractors popping backs and cracking necks in the U.S. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a chiropractor? If you have benefited from using chiropractic services, it is likely you noticed the degrees and certifications lining the wall of their office when you visited. Graduates of chiropractic schools are granted the title Doctor of Chiropractic, or D.C. It is not the same as a medical doctor (M.D.) because they cannot prescribe medicine to their patients, but they do have a wealth of knowledge to work from.

Training for chiropractors requires on average three years in undergraduate studies and four years to complete the required Doctor of Chiropractic program. They study how to treat problems with the neuromusculoskeletal system, which encompasses the body’s ligaments, nerves, bones, muscles, and tendons. By manipulating the position of the body, spine, and other techniques together, they can make adjustments in the patient’s body to remove stiffness and pain from misalignment.

Neck and back pain are two concerns that bring new patients to seek chiropractic medicine. The main culprit is said to be our propensity to slave away at our desks, hunched over our keyboards and screens. Doing so is great for productivity; not so for our posture. How often have you stretched your neck and shoulders at the end of a long day?

Chiropractic schools may see a jump in enrollment over the next few years. Chiropractic medicine was projected to grow roughly 15% between 2012 to 2022. Supposedly, we will still hunch over our keyboards in 2022. But that is good news for D.C.’s. There will be plenty of business.

Prospective students to chiropractic schools need to do more than earn the right degree. They will also need to pass the three-part National Board Exam. Once they successfully pass one of the two proctored exams given twice a year, it is time to be licensed. Each state has their own specific requirements for practicing chiropractors. It is important to know the requirements for your state.

Chiropractors are required to stay updated on new techniques and studies in their industry. Continuing their education enables them to offer the best care to their patients. While seen by some critics as simply holistic medicine, chiropractors in reality are required to complete many hours of study; pass numerous exams, and stay updated on their state licensing.

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