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Teledermatology Allows Teens to Consult About Acne From Their Living Rooms


By the end of this year, more than two-thirds of all health care facilities reported that they will either be using “telemedicine,” or that they are going to be offering it to their patients in a few years’ time. Telemedicine, or the online consultation with a health care professional, often in lieu of traditional office exams, is being used in fields from dermatology to mental health.

In rural areas and areas with extreme weather, many patients are now able talk with their doctors online. For patients with phobias that prevent travel, being able to consult with a medical professional can be a life-saving opportunity. Almost three-quarters of all patients surveyed reported that online consultation with a d

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What Opioid Dependence Treatment Options Are Available in 2015?

Addiction treatment

After decades of a failed War on Drugs, the American public is finally waking up to the need for comprehensive addiction treatment reform. Unfortunately, the world of politics has been slower to catch on, with many politicians completely dependent on a “Tough on crime” approach to drug abuse. At the same time, a horrifying heroin and opioid addiction epidemic has spread from coast to coast.

In every small town, suburb, and city in the country, drug treatment centers, emergency rooms, and police departments are reportin

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It’s Time To Limit Your Exposure to EMF!

Protect children

With the drastic increases in mobile technology we have seen over the last couple of decades some have been concerned about what it could mean for our health. In fact, in 2007 a study concluded that the existing public safety limits for electromagnetic fields were inadequate to protect public health, and agreed that new safety limits were needed. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, microwaves, printers, and other items that use wi-fi all produce EMF emissions. To much exposure to EMF emissions can be bad for health. Here’s a bit more info to know about EMF:

1. EMF Dangers – You may be wondering exactly how too much exposure to EMF emissions could affect your health. Once study, conducted in 2012, found that chronic EMF exposure produced physiological stress in cells after just 1.5 years.

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