What You Should Know About Sports Medicine


Acl repair

As an athlete, sports injuries are an absolute nightmare. The last thing you ever want to hear is that you will be unable to play for a certain amount of time due to injury and recovery time. However, new medical and technical advancements mean sports medicine is better than ever. This means less time spent away from doing something you love. Read on for three ways it can help you!

ACL Surgery

ACL repair can often be painful. The ACL is the ligament that keeps the tibia in place, so when it is injured, the knee will often give out unexpectedly, making it difficult to perform any physical activity. ACL reconstruction is done using tissue from your body or a donor to reattach everything.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

This surgery literally translates to “looking at the joint,” and is done with small incisions. Doctors are then able to look at your knee joint and determine what the issue is. From there, they can come up with a treatment option, whether that is medicinal or surgical. Often, artificial knees are placed in surgery, and last for 15 to 20 years before other surgery is needed.

Shoulder Injuries

This type of injury is the fifth most common in high school athletes. In addition, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says that 53,000 Americans overall have shoulder replacement surgery each year. Shoulder injuries are important to address as quickly as you possibly can, because movement while injured will make it worse, and with shoulder injuries, that could mean an unnecessary surgery, which no one wants to endure.

Have you dealt with any of these sports injuries? What was your experience like? What advise would you give to others? We would love to hear you thoughts and comments!

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