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3 Reasons to Get a Flu Shot at an Urgent Care Center

Community health clinic

Urgent care clinics are becoming the new trend in the medical industry. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, there are about 9,000 in the U.S. today. With the rising costs of care and insurance premiums, people are constantly seeking alternative options to visiting their primary care physician. While walk in medical clinics are generally thought of as places to go instead of a hospital in the event of an emergency, they can also be great places to get a flu shot. More and more urgent care centers are

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Ditch the Paper Trail With Employee Benefits Software

Employee benefits software companies

Benefits are a perk that will make any employee stand to attention. There is no doubt the promise of guaranteed insurances and paid time off greatly boosts morale and work turn out, which makes managing employee benefits so vital to success. Even with a smaller work force, keeping track of all benefits for each employee can be daunting and time consuming, not to mention expensive. For a solid benefits package a company can expect to use 30% to 40% of its total payroll expenses, encompassing health insurance, retirement plans and some extra perks.

More and more small businesses are adopting the practice of offering benefits to full time employees, with 75% now offering paid vacation time. For smaller companies this can be a lot of added work. Luckily employee benefits software was dev

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Is Ibogaine Set to Become the Mac and Cheese of Alternative Treatments?

Ibogaine for depression

Combinations almost always seem to be better than the plain ol’ original. For example, macaroni by itself can be a wonderfully hearty and satisfying meal on its own. But by combining the richness of macaroni pasta with the creamy, salty goodness of cheese, an entirely different meal is created that satiates taste buds in a whole new way. Similarly, the buttery texture of nut butters and spreads is enhanced by the sweet fruit flavors of jams.

Aside from the delicious — and endless — flavor combinations that come from marrying different foods and food groups, combinations are also very common in the medical industry, particularly in drug or substance abuse rehabilitation and mental health sectors.

In these areas of healthcare, healthcare providers emphasize the importance of creating a compr

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