Three of the Most Common, Untreated Illnesses in the US


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Though the U.S. might be the land of freedom and opportunity there is no hiding the fact that many still suffer from certain health afflictions. These are problems that go deeper than everyday cold or flu, something that can be treated and conquered with time and care; these are illnesses that are reoccurring, either stick around for a long time or never go away. The most common of these are treatable and manageable even if one can’t be ‘cured’, but many people either due to insurance issues or hesitance about doctors who prescribe medical marijuana or something else besides, neglect to get the care they need. The following are three of some of the most common health problems in the U.S. that often go untreated.

1. Low Testosterone

While probably not a source of pride for many men, as much as 13,000,000 of them in the U.S. suffer from low testosterone levels. A startling 90% of them never receive low testosterone treatment. This is an important affliction to treat for many reasons, one of them being that TRT boosting can bring energy levels back to where they should be. Feeling drowsy can therefore be caused by something as simple to fix as low testosterone. It should be noted that ‘normal’ testosterone levels can vary between 300 to 1,000 ng/dl, from man to man and from one lab to another.

2. Drug, Alcohol Addictions

Substance abuse is another rampant problem in the U.S. today. Each day as many as 5,000 visits to emergency rooms are due to complications with drug abuse, with alcohol coming in at number one in the U.S. (this does not pertain, of course, to doctors who prescribe medical marijuana as it is being used in this case as treatment). Alcohol abuse happens most commonly to college age students between 18 and 29 (least susceptible age being 65) and as many as 53% of Americans claim to have a relative with a drinking problem. Many of these people will never seek the help of an alcohol detox center.

3. Mental Illness

While it seems to carry a severe connotation, mental disorders and illnesses can be as simple and common as ADHD and insomnia. Often, doctors who prescribe medical marijuana do so to treat varying mental illnesses. For adults, anxiety and depression reign supreme; over 40,000,000 adults 18 or older suffering from anxiety and as many as 80% of those suffering from depression never seeking help. For children, ADHD is a very common problem, as approximately 11% of children 4-17 years old have been diagnosed, most of them boys as they are twice as likely to have it.

It is important to be mindful of the afflictions that bother us, be they medical, mental or otherwise. Good health is of the utmost importance.

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