30 Watt Lasers – A Medical Breakthrough


Laser therapy for pain management

When you hear the word laser what comes to mind? Sci-Fi weapons, traps set to protect precious jewels or pieces of artwork, laser pointers to play with cats, or maybe laser sights on a bow or gun, maybe. The medical field hopes to change that with a therapeutic medical 30 watt laser.

Aren’t Lasers Dangerous?

You’ve probably heard on the news of people getting arrested for shooting lasers at airplanes and helicopters. A one watt Class IV Laser beam at less than a mile can cause the entire cockpit of an aircraft to light up, blinding the pilot of what’s ahead. As seen on the Internet, a 10 watt laser can burn a gummy candy in less than a minute. While lasers in the hands of an untrained newbie can be dangerous, medical lasers in the hands of surgeons and qualified doctors and veterinarians can be wonderful.

Class IV Laser Therapy in Humans

Many people in the world are suffering physical pain. Worldwide, over 1.5 billion people suffer chronic pain.. For those who go to therapy or try older methods of home therapy yet are still in pain, relief seems to be fleeting. Half of the working American population is thought of have back pain each year, with 31 million suffering at any given moment and, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, one in four Americans have pain lasting longer than 24 hours. Laser treatment may be a realistic option for many of these people. Depending on the condition, between eight and 30 laser treatments are needed to alleviate the pain.

Veterinary Laser Therapy

People aren’t the only ones in pain … our pets are as well. As they get older or they get injured, they’ve got to go through treatment just the same as people. The treatments with 30 watt lasers typically last between 10 and 20 minutes between three and 10 times for most pets. While the animal may not like being forced to receive the therapy by concerned owners, most pets showed signs of pain relief by 24 hours after the therapy.

If you or your fuzzy friend are in constant pain and nothing else is helping or if you’ve run out of options or just like to try new treatments, 30 watt laser therapy may be right for you. Call your physician or veterinarian, you or your fuzzy friend may be pain free soon!

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