Chiropractor Care for Sports Injuries Makes Good Sense



Athletes are hard on their backs. Whether you are a golfer, a gymnast, or a baseball player, your back probably suffers the consequences of many repeated motions and activities. Seeking chiropractor for sports injuries can help you reach optimal health through proper body and spine alignment. Both male and female athletes who are seeking pain relief from sports injuries, as well as others who are suffering from auto accidents or other injury related ailments, have found great relief through chiropractic care.

When you are injured and unable to play or to work to your potential, what are you doing to help your body heal quickly and get back to your normal routine? If visits to your family physician and physical therapists are not giving you the results that you want, it might be time to consider a different course of action.

Seeing a chiropractor for sports injuries is a practice followed by many professional athletes. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are utilized by all 32 National Football League teams to optimize the functionality, endurance and overall conditioning of professional football players. DCs treat neuromusculoskeletal strain injuries, including neck pain, low back pain, hamstrings and quadriceps strains, and whiplash injuries.

Obviously, many non-athletes also benefit from chiropractic care. In many occupations, in fact, back injuries are also very common in many work environments. In fact, 50% of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. Did you know that Injured workers are 28 times less likely to have spinal surgery if the first point of contact is a DC, rather than a surgeon? Instead of seeking chiropractic care after visiting other doctors, it might, in fact, be smarter for you to visit a chiropractor first.

Visiting a chiropractor for accident victims is also advised. If back or neck pain are the results of an accident, you need to seek appropriate treatment so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, 28% of adults with low back pain report limited activity due to a chronic condition. Visiting a DC might help you avoid debilitating pain.

Chiropractic benefits can also be financial. In fact, a recent study showed that treatment for low back pain initiated by a DC costs up to 20% less than when started with a MD. Whether you are visiting a chiropractor for sports injuries, an automobile accident, or a work injury, you will likely see many positive results.

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