Why Drug Screening is So Important For Every Company When Bringing On New Employees


Many companies require their employees to undergo drug screening when they are hired. The reasons behind this include reducing risk in situations involving heavy machinery and finding out if an employee has a drug problem before any legal situations occur. Background and drug tests are often standard requirements for the job, so potential employees might ask are drug tests free. The company might provide DOT drug testing on-site or at drug and alcohol test locations nearby.

While drug tests can be controversial, a basic drug test for employment is very common. Companies use them to determine who they want to work with. If a potential employee doesn’t want to do it, they don’t have to work for that company. So if you are applying for a job, you should know whether or not they require drug screening.

When bringing on new employees, every company wants to ensure that they have brought on quality people. Depending on the job, there might be driving or operating heavy machinery, which is important for the individual to be able to do. In cases such as these, having drug test kits and conducting drug testing is crucial, so the company is aware of the employee?s background, and what they will have to deal with. Here are the benefits to including drug screening, so companies don?t worry about making costly mistakes or have to deal with problems later on down the line.

Drug Testing Finds Out if There Will be Potential Problems

Through drug testing, it is easy to see if employees will cause potential problems later on down the line. Not everyone who has a drug problem shows it, however it is always best to stay informed and aware of what is going on. Finding out if employees have a drug problem before they are officially hired can help companies avoid lawsuits, and make it easier for them to handle any issues that would involve the time, cost and energy of bringing on a new employee before they are ready.

Drug Testing Can Be Useful When There is Heavy Machinery to Operate

Any business that is hiring employees to operate heavy machinery would benefit from having all employees drug tested. This is because it is not always apparent when an employee has problems. Drug test kits can show if there is a potential issue. Also, with heavy machinery comes a lot of additional work and responsibility. It is best to ensure that a potential employee does not have a habit, or is not involved in anything that would prohibit him from doing the basics of his job. This could include hurting not only himself, but also other employees, and even damaging company property. It is best to be fully aware of what is going on in cases such as these, with help from drug test kits.

There Are Various Options for Drug Screening

When many people think of having someone screened in order to detect a drug problem, they take into consideration factors such as a urine drug test. Of course, today there are many more options that what was available in the past, and it is easier to screen employees for different things. For example, having a hair follicle test can let employers know if a potential employee has done drugs recently, even if a urine drug test tells them otherwise. This is helpful to know, since a urine drug test can always be flushed out quickly, while tests that involve the hair cannot. There are also special tests that are administered to individuals who have to drive for a living, such as dot drug and alcohol tests. Because these individuals are on the road, it is important to know that they can take care of themselves and company property, in order to keep them from getting hurt, or worse yet, hurting others.

Companies should always consider the benefits of having regular employees drug tested from time to time, and especially drug testing those who are new to the company. This can prevent accidents from occurring, such as hiring an individual who may have a drug problem that is not apparent. Although there is cost associated with having a drug test done, this can save the company a lot of money and help them be better prepared for the future. There are many different ways to screen individuals for drugs than there were in the past, including using hair tests that can show potential problems with drugs in the past. Its important to stay aware of what options are available, and to use all the tools possible, such as drug test kits, when it comes to choosing and keeping good employees.


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