Methadone Treatment Centers Provide Services That Are in High Demand


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Methadone centers and other rehabilitation locations across the country are getting a lot of attention as the nation tries to deal with an alarming epidemic. The fact that a report last summer announced that drug overdose is now the leading cause of deaths in American for individuals under the age of 50. Up nearly 19%, the latest statistics indicated that as many as 59,000 people died from drug over dose in the year 2016. Heroine and Ohio are especially making the news as the deaths in that state are significantly higher than the averages seen in other parts of the country.
In fact, these frightening statistics show that the number of drug casualties in America exceeds the number of deaths that occurred in the entire Vietnam War. And while the rest of the nation wonders what to do about this drug addiction problem, doctors and treatment specialists at methadone centers, pain pill addiction treatment centers, and other rehabilitation facilities are providing services to this problem. Chances are, you have a loved one who suffers from drug addiction or you have a friend who is dealing with addiction problems in some form. From the families who are dealing with adult children who are back home after these children have wrecked their education, jobs, and marriages because of drugs. Unfortunately, finding a methadone center that has space your loved one can be a challenge. When the number of addicts increases so does the need for spots in treatment centers across the nation. And given that there is no real quick fix for drug addiction, these treatment centers that so many Americans need may be full, or near full, in the future as well.
Do You Have a Loved One Who Needs Treatment for a Drug Addiction?
In the year 2015 alone, nearly 591,000 people suffered from a heroin use disorder. And while many people think of drug abuse as a teenage problem the problem often extends well beyond the teenage years. In fact, of the 591,000, only 6,000 were teenagers. Another 155,000 were young adults.
When drug abuse interrupts your life, it can seem as if you have no way out and no easy answers. Finding the right treatment center, however, can serve as a starting point. Simply thinking that you can convince someone to quit is not effective. In fact, non-medical, abstinence-based treatments for opiate addiction have a success rate of only 5% to 10%. Dealing with the chemical reactions that an opiate user has, and the resulting chemical reactions that quitting can have, is the best approach. For instance, because outcomes improve the longer a patient remains in treatment, structured in patient methadone treatment success rates can range from 60% to 90%.
Are you ready to get the help you need? Are you desperate for an medical approach through a treatment center to help your loved one reclaim his or her life?

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