What You Need to Know About at Home Medical Testing


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There are more and more conditions and health related issues that can be monitored and tested for at home. No longer are the at home pregnancy tests the only ones you can get. From STD testing at home to kits to look at a person’s cholesterol level or even diagnose colon cancer or a urinary tract infection, people can find out what may be ailing them at home before they make the treat to a medical walk in clinic.

When these tests, such as the STD testing at home, patients can deal with their health care needs in the most private setting. Few people want the world to know if they are going to go through the STD testing procedure. Before you buy any of these testing kits, there are some things you should check:

  • Has the test been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? You should not buy any health related product if it has not gotten the FDA’s seal of approval. Tests that have this approval are a lot more reliable and accurate than those that have no received it.
  • Find out what the results will mean and what your next steps will be. If you are not sure what you should do with the results you get, you may just want to have your family health clinic take care of the testing for you.
  • See if the test will mean you can skip going to the doctor. If you will still have to go into your doctor’s office, you may want to skip the at the testing at home. Most insurance plans do not cover the tests that are done at home but they do cover testing ordered by family health care providers.
  • Check on how hard it is to do the test. Not all home testing kits are as clear as they should be. Before you take the time and spend the money on a home testing kit, you should make sure it is a test that you will be abel to easily perform and that it will produce results that you will be able to understand easily. Some tests, such as the pregnancy tests or the drug tests are incredibly simple to use but that does not mean that they all are. Plus, what one person thinks may be easy may end up being more difficult for someone else.
  • There are a lot of reasons to want to test for certain things at home. You may want to prepare yourself with the STD testing at home or you may want to know if your teen is doing drugs. It can be easier to deal with certain issues when you have learned about a problem in the privacy of your own home. You know your confidential STD testing at home is just that, it is totally confidential.

You may also want to keep an eye on chronic conditions such as your blood pressure. Some people have elevated blood pressure when they go to their doctor’s offices. Medical professionals refer to this as “white coat syndrome.” If you want to see where you blood pressure readings are when you are relaxed, you can get a machine to measure it at home at just about any pharmacy or grocery store.

If you are concerned about something and want to do a test at hone, one way to find out about the accuracy of the test is to ask your doctor’s office about it. They may be able to recommend some tests that they know are more reliable and accurate than others. They also may be able to give you some advice about the best way to use the at home testing devices and kits. For example, if you are concerned about your blood pressure, they can tell you how often you should check it and what times of day may be better than others. If you are concerned about something such as anemia, they may recommend you take it sitting, laying down and standing, for instance.

There have been a lot of improvements and advancements made in the world of at home medical tests. One thing that is certain is that they can really help many people take more control over their health care.

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