3 Reasons to Obtain a CPR License


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Have you ever been met with an emergency and wished, in that moment, that you had additional skills? Perhaps medical skills would help you to diagnose a condition. Physical skills could prevent a physical altercation. CPR skills or the Heimlich maneuver could save someone choking or who has stopped breathing. Although it is unrealistic to know every single skill that you might need during an emergency, it can be beneficial to learn some of them. CPR is especially beneficial, as choking is a common medical threat. There are many benefits in having a CPR license

Knowledge during an emergency

It is possible that you will never need to use your CPR skills. However, if you are able to save someone, just one time, with your CPR knowledge, it will be entirely worth it. Even having the knowledge that you have the ability to give CPR can be helpful in emergencies. There are many different situations that might require the use of CPR licenses.

You could be walking through the mall one day, noticing a commotion nearby. Everyone is frantically running around, looking for help. You may be the only person who knows CPR and can help until the medical professionals arrive. You may be involved in an auto accident, and notice that the other victim requires CPR, and is unlikely to make it until the ambulance arrives. CPR is especially helpful during emergencies.

Helpful during parenting

New parents often struggle with the responsibility that comes with parenting. You are responsible for the life of this little one. During the first couple of months, they are entirely reliant on you, and every little cough or fever can have you running to a medical professional. Taking CPR classes when you are expecting can be helpful. It can relieve some of your worries, knowing that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. You may still have other worries, but knowing CPR will reduce some of those concerns.

Knowing CPR may also be helpful when your child gets older and you have groups of children coming around your house. Some parents may be worried about the likeliness of accidents occurring. You can also easy your worried when it comes to other people?s children, by having a CPR license. The license will also notify other parents that you have the skill, and that you are licensed and prepared to use it, if necessary.

Increases employability

There are some positions that require skills such as CPR. Others may not require it, but prefer it. A few common employment positions that would look highly on a CPR license are childcare, education, and medical positions. These types of positions are likely to come across emergencies that require the use of CPR. There is also a difference between knowing CPR and having a CPR license. Employers tend to look highly upon those who have obtained a CPR license, because it means that they took the time to learn the appropriate safety and legal requirements of CPR.

Many childcare facilities prefer employees who are experienced with these skills, usually in the form of a license. That is because employing candidates with CPR may be state regulated, and if it is not, more parents trust the center with knowledgeable employees. Parents who choose a daycare center for their children tend to choose with safety as their primary concern. An abundance of employees with CPR and Heimlich maneuver skills drastically increases the safety.

Knowing the proper usage and techniques of this skill can be beneficial, both directly and indirectly. When you have a CPR license, you are better prepared for emergencies, having the ability to provide CPR to someone in a medical emergency. Even if you never come across a situation where you need to use your license, you will feel more relaxed and prepared for parenting. You are also likely to find that your knowledge and license in CPR and other life saving techniques makes you more employable in some fields.

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