Physical Therapy and Rehibilitation Services for the Elderly


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It’s a sad inevitability, but at some point in all out lives, we will experience some type of illness, injury or hospitalization. We can only hope whatever ails us is short and uncomplicated. This is especially sought after when you have reached your later years in life. You want to enjoy your golden years with as little complication as possible. Unfortunately, with your body growing older, that’s not always an option. Luckily, for many post-hospitalization care for certain surgeries, illnesses or accident, physical therapy can be of great help.

The goal of a physical therapist is to provide rapid recovery and restorative care. As part of having skilled nursing care at home, physical therapists can help you with movement, the relieving of pain and restoring functionality to a part of the body that has otherwise become damaged. As you age, it steadily becomes harder to move as your body begins to feel the weight of it’s years. This can make it exceeding difficult and frustrating to do everyday tasks. But with the skilled nursing care at home of a physical therapist, this can rapidly improve.

There exists many rehabilitation services for many different problems, with some physical therapists specializing in areas like orthopedics, sports injuries, geriatrics and neurology, making it easy to find one that may suit your specific needs. Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals with a master’s or doctorate degree specifically in physical therapy, making their knowledge and professionalism in the respite care their primary goal.

In addition to the most well-known form of physical therapy being for an injury, there are also different types who offer help in other areas. These include speech therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as both long-term care services and short-term care services. This skilled nursing care at home may use many different types of ways to assist you. These include, but are not limited to, manual therapy, education, and the use of electrical stimulation, water and heat and cold. Physical therapy is most known to use exercise, such as stretching, exercising your core, walking and weight lifting. All is done to assure the overall vast improvement of your health. Even smaller, everyday tasks such as going up stairs and getting in and out of bed may be improved with a physical therapist. If you find yourself struggling with movement you were able to do with ease before, talk to your doctor about the potential for a physical therapist to help you enjoy every minute of your golden years.

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